Chat Shit, Get Banged -FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Jamie Vardy gets a record breaker card.

2015/11/29 17:32:49

Something incredible is happening this year in the Barclays Premier League. Leicester City have been at the top of the table against all odds, and it's largely due to striker Jamie Vardy's incredible run of form. Today, against Manchester United, the striker broke a long standing record by scoring a goal in his eleventh straight league match.FIFA 16 wasted little time in getting a Jamie Vardy FIFA 16 Special Record Breaker card to honor Vardy, which will be available until Monday in all packs.

FUT 16 Record Breaker Jamie Vardy 82 FIFA 16 Ultimate Team.jpg

Chat shit, get banged -> If what you say is untrue, or is an attempt at defaming my character, I will engage you physically.

It's a successor of the more popular 'chat shit, get hit'. But Vardy changed it to 'get banged' not only adds an element of surprise due to the lack of rhyme, but also seems more forceful and funny.

chat shit get banned.png

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